Unleash the power of Brawny pet.

In response to the growing demand for durable and reliable pet care products, Brawny identified an opportunity to extend its renowned brand into the realm of pet care. Thus, Brawny Pet was born—an exclusive line of paper products designed to meet the needs of pet parents everywhere. With a commitment to quality and strength, Brawny Pet aimed to revolutionize how pet messes are handled, offering thicker, stronger, and higher sheet count products than traditional Brawny.

Launching a new product line in a competitive market requires careful planning and execution. Brawny faced the challenge of introducing Brawny Pet to consumers and effectively conveying its value proposition amidst a sea of existing pet care options. 

For Brawny, we developed a commanding design and messaging system that connected with pet parents, providing reassurance with the strength and durability of Brawny Pet products.

Brawny embarked on a comprehensive strategy to unleash the power of Brawny Pet, leveraging a cohesive design and messaging system to ensure consistency across all channels. Through fully optimized Product Detail Pages (PDPs) and retailer toolkits, the brand aimed to engage pet parents, educate them about the benefits of Brawny Pet, and drive sales.
  • Increased Awareness: The launch of Brawny Pet generated significant buzz among pet parents, resulting in increased brand awareness and visibility.
  • Educated Consumers: Through targeted messaging and educational content, Brawny effectively communicated the value proposition of Brawny Pet, informing consumers about the benefits of choosing Brawny for their pet care needs.
  • Valuable Insights: The limited-time release of Brawny Pet provided valuable insights into pet owners’ shopping habits and preferences, which will inform future Brawny campaigns and product development efforts.

Brawny Pet | E-Commerce

Product Detail Pages were meticulously crafted to highlight key features and benefits, making it easy for consumers to understand why Brawny Pet was the superior choice for pet mess management.

E-Commerce Strategy & Syndicated Content

Above the Fold Content

Below the fold content

Brawny Pet | Retailer Tool Kits

Brawny provided retailers with comprehensive toolkits containing promotional materials and resources to support the launch of Brawny Pet in-store and online.

Direct Mail

Right-sized Digital Ads

In-store POS

Brawny Pet Successfully Unleashed

By leveraging a cohesive design and messaging system, optimizing PDPs, and providing retailers with the necessary tools and resources, Brawny successfully unleashed the power of Brawny Pet, establishing itself as a trusted provider of durable and reliable pet care products. Moving forward, the insights gained from this campaign will continue to inform Brawny’s efforts to meet the evolving needs of pet parents everywhere.