REVITALIZING the #1 Organic Spirit.

Prairie Organic Spirits, a brand rooted in authenticity and purity, had been in the market for 15 years but struggled to gain significant traction. Despite its commitment to quality organic ingredients and sustainable practices, the brand faced challenges in both awareness and sales. To address this, Prairie Organic Spirits embarked on a journey to reinvigorate its presence in the market.
The primary goal was to increase awareness and drive sales by highlighting Prairie Organic Spirits’ unique proposition. Through comprehensive research, the team aimed to identify key differentiators and leverage them effectively in a targeted marketing campaign.
The campaign primarily focused on generating awareness and encouraging trial among shoppers. By highlighting Prairie Organic Spirits’ unique attributes and benefits, the goal was to increase followership and ultimately drive sales.
The #1 Organic Spirit Strategy:

Research and Proposition Identification: Thorough market research was conducted to uncover the distinct qualities that set Prairie Organic Spirits apart from competitors. The focus was identifying the brand’s unique shopper proposition to connect with the target audience: the #1 Organic Spirit.

Integrated Marketing Campaign: Utilizing an omnichannel approach, Prairie Organic Spirits launched a comprehensive marketing campaign that spanned across various platforms:

  • Paid Media: Strategic placements in relevant digital and traditional channels to maximize reach and engagement.
  • Organic Social: Leveraging social media platforms to foster community engagement and authentically amplify the brand’s message.
  • Events: We hosted and participated in events that aligned with the brand’s ethos, allowing for direct consumer interaction and product sampling.
  • In-store Sampling: We deploy sampling programs in retail locations to give consumers a firsthand experience of Prairie Organic Spirits’ #1 quality and taste.
  • In-store Signs: Eye-catching signage and POS materials placed strategically within retail outlets to capture shoppers’ attention and drive purchase intent.

Prairie Organic Spirits Awareness

From paid media to organic social, our team developed a content strategy concepted, propped, styled, shot, and finished in-house.

Paid media delivered the #1 Organic Spirit claim while encouraging shoppers to “taste the difference.”

Inspirational craft cocktail recipes were developed with Prairie mixologists.

Can-do craft cocktail videos were developed to provide easy instructions.

Prairie Organic Spirits Activations

From sweepstakes to Food & Wine partnered events to in-store sampling, we gave organic enthusiasts a reason to “Taste The Difference.”

In-store Display

Paid Media

Paid Media

Prairie Organic Spirits Results

  • #1 fastest-growing Vodka brand in the US during calendar year
  • +500% growth in CA
  • Sales up 75% nationally
  • Sales up 152% wherever all
3 Prairie Spirits are stocked
  • Expanded distribution in Walmart, Kroger, Sam’s Club, Costco, Publix, and other key regional retailers.

Prairie Vodka awareness reaches new highs!

Voted the #1 Craft Vodka Distillery by USA Today

Sales continued to climb. 
The Prairie brand was 
+35% in NET sales over 
the following 12 months.