change the way you clean.

In the competitive realm of floor care products, Walmart sought to enhance its offerings in the face of a dominant player, Swiffer. Recognizing the need for innovation and competition, STAINMASTER® stepped up to the challenge. Introducing a full line of Quick Clean Floor Care products, STAINMASTER aimed to carve out its space in the market with a unique selling proposition – the innovative “flexible wand” – offering consumers a compelling reason to switch from established brands.

The primary objectives were twofold: first, to penetrate new households within the Walmart consumer base, and second, to entice existing users of competitor products to switch to STAINMASTER Quick Clean Floor Care. Research indicated a need to disrupt consumer habits and encourage them to reconsider their refill choices, presenting an opportunity for STAINMASTER to capitalize on.

Walmart Launch Strategy:

The campaign rollout was an omnichannel approach:

Paid Media Activation: STAINMASTER strategically deployed paid media across various location-based platforms to amplify brand messaging and product benefits. Targeted advertisements near Walmart stores emphasized the unique selling proposition of the “flexible wand,” positioning STAINMASTER Quick Clean Floor Care as a superior alternative to existing options.

Retail Media Integration: Recognizing the significance of Walmart’s retail environment, STAINMASTER implemented a tailored mix of retail media tactics to reinforce brand presence and drive conversion. From in-store displays to banner ads, every touchpoint was optimized to capture consumer attention and stimulate purchase intent.

Promotional Offers: To incentivize trial and facilitate conversion, STAINMASTER introduced promotional offers and discounts, enticing consumers with value-added propositions. These incentives served as a compelling reason to switch, encouraging consumers to experience the superior performance of STAINMASTER Quick Clean Floor Care firsthand.

Rethinking The Refill

From the movie above, used in location-based paid media, to the roaming demo shown below, we intercepted shoppers throughout Walmart.

Change the Way you Clean in Aisle

From the end cap to in aisle, we made the case for change with product photos highlighting innovation.

Paid Media

Highlight innovation at nearby Walmart stores with disruptive photography and in-store video.

E-Commerce Consistency

The campaign is consistently articulated in-store and on

Paid Social Media

Pinterest pet cleaning hacks and official testimonials from dog moms encouraged followers to rethink their refill and change the way they clean with STAINMASTER.


Influencer Blogs



The STAINMASTER “Change the Way You Clean” campaign delivered tangible outcomes, exceeded expectations and fulfilled the objectives at Walmart and was made to scale. 

Walmart Category Sales Increase: The campaign contributed to a significant uptick in category sales, achieving a remarkable 3% increase. This growth not only met but exceeded the expectations of the Walmart buyer, reaffirming the effectiveness of the strategy.



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