Twin Cities Orthopedics (TCO) has long been a trusted provider of orthopedic services in the Twin Cities area. However, their marketing efforts could have been more cohesive, with separate campaigns for different orthopedic services. Recognizing the power of unification and the appeal of sports, TCO decided to pivot its marketing strategy. They aimed to position themselves as the go-to provider for athletes of all levels, from amateur to professional.
The primary goal of TCO’s new marketing campaign was to unify all service lines under a common sports theme. By aligning themselves with sports, TCO aimed to amplify its brand presence and establish itself as the premier orthopedic provider for athletes. Additionally, TCO sought to leverage its partnership with the Minnesota Vikings to enhance its credibility further and reach within the community.

Working closely with TCO, our team developed a unified campaign theme centered around “Trusted Care. Pro Approved.” This theme emphasized TCO’s commitment to providing high-quality orthopedic care through local sports partnerships.

Key elements of the strategy included:

  1. Brand Alignment: Aligning all service lines under the overarching sports theme to create a cohesive brand identity.
  2. Partnership Amplification: Leveraging TCO’s partnership with the Minnesota Vikings to enhance brand credibility and reach.
  3. Message Consistency: Ensuring consistency in messaging across various marketing channels to reinforce TCO’s positioning as the trusted choice for orthopedic care.
  4. Multichannel Approach: Utilizing a mix of billboards, transit media, banner ads, and TV spots to maximize campaign visibility and impact.

TCO + Minnesota Vikings Partnership

From in-home, in transit, and in-stadium, it’s clear TCO Keeps the North Strong as the Official Sports Medicine Provider of the Minnesota Vikings.

Paid Media


In-Stadium Banner and Scoreboard Programming

TCO Launches Training Hause

Support the launch of Training Haus with a new website and plenty of content development for social media posts.

Website Design

Content Development

TCO Patient Engagment

From new websites to billboard takeover promotions, activations always drove excitement and localized engagement.

New Website(s)


Exceptional Care for All Levels

Twin Cities Orthopedics unified its service lines under the theme of sports and used local sports partnerships to become the trusted choice for orthopedic care in the Twin Cities. The “Trusted Care. Pro Approved.” campaign increased brand awareness and patient acquisition, solidifying TCO’s reputation as a leader in sports medicine. TCO is committed to providing exceptional care to athletes of all levels, ensuring everyone has access to trusted orthopedic care, just like the pros.