Contagious Energy

ready to make an impact.

Igniting ideas and providing bandwidth while energizing growing businesses.

Marketing Communication

From branding, partnerships and activation campaigns to e-commerce and content creation, communication is guaranteed to perform.

& Retail Media Creative

Drive conversion with creative based on insights and design rooted in behavioral science.

Team Audit & Assessment

Evaluation, reorganization, process implementation, and leadership training to energize and optimize your creative team.

My Story.

Leading while having fun along the way

My passion for the work began at Best Buy’s internal agency. From running teams testing small market Sunday circulars, pioneering the application of customer centricity, and developing campaigns for Best Buy’s seasonal drive times, I gained a career’s worth of experience at one of the world’s most innovative retailers.

I applied my Best Buy experience at MarketingLab, where the agency founder hired me to play a vital role in the agency’s creative, financial, and cultural growth. I hired, trained, and mentored the Creative team. Grew clients organically by developing a high-energy culture focused on creative performance. I was instrumental in evolving the agency and developing a new company focused on creative evaluation and effectiveness: SellCheck.

After RAZR acquired MarketingLab and SellCheck, I transformed the creative team into a shared service model supporting all RAZR divisions: RAZR Financial, Grayduck Health, MarketingLab, and SellCheck. I inspired a culture of creative effectiveness and implemented a feedback process based on industry best practices and behavioral science. From building healthcare brands to selling pool chemicals, I provided the team with the inspiration, ideas, creative direction, and proper resources needed to deliver agency growth. At RAZR, my impact didn’t stop with the Creative team; I championed the companywide implementation of the Standout engagement platform and ran weekly all-hands and quarterly companywide meetings.

Throughout my career, I’ve continued to innovate processes and collaborate across teams while developing quality creative work that drives results. I’ve shown effective team, agency, and company leadership by living company values and amplifying company culture. I am always looking for the next opportunity.

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  • In-store displays, aisle, and category
  • Digital display, paid or retail media
  • E-Commerce ATF and BTF content
  • Websites, emails
  • Landing pages
  • Motion graphics
  • Logos
  • Trade shows
  • Just about anything. Even if we don’t know it yet!


  • Personas
  • Email Journeys
  • Campaign articulations
  • Key visuals and campaign ideation
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Creative solutions to business challenges


  • It’s contagious
  • Usually at 11
  • Able to channel midnight DJ voice when needed


  • In-store
  • E-mails
  • Banner ads
  • Performance media
  • Names and taglines
  • Short form
  • Insights
  • Concepts
  • Sell-in and programming
  • Award submissions